“Tell me a story before I go to bed” — Sam McBratney

March 1, 2010

The PJ Library

The Boston Globe has an interesting story today about a real estate magnate who was inspired by Dolly Parton to give away two million books to the children of Jewish families — and he’s just getting started.

The subject is Harold Grinspoon, who unloaded most of his expansive real estate holdings when he sniffed something sour in the market. Grinspoon is concerned about children who for any one of a variety of reasons are at risk of losing touch with their Jewish heritage, and his solution has been to establish the PJ Library — “pj” for pajamas — through which he sends books with Jewish themes to kids all over the country. The program is administered through local Jewish organizations that have to add their own financial contribution to Grinspooon’s funding. He intends to will his estate to the program as permanent endowment and envisions a day when its books will reach virtually every Jewish child in North America.


Grinspoon, who started this project after hearing about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library,  isn’t just writing checks. He is intimately involved in the project, including the selections of titles. That kind of passion doesn’t come along every day.

The Globe’s Story is at THIS LINK. Information about PJ Library is at THIS LINK. And information about Dolly Parton’s program is at THIS LINK.


2 Responses to ““Tell me a story before I go to bed” — Sam McBratney”

  1. Patricia Paugh Says:

    I share his concerns for all people regardless of race or religion. In the United States, many libraries have experienced cutbacks for the past decade. Why? It’s easy to cut and hard to notice.

  2. I love to read. I really love to read. My husband just got a kindle for me. I read a few chapters of a good book on it. I miss my books. I love turning pages and holding it.
    I also do not like the thought of paying for as many books as I read in the course of a month or year.

    I use the library. I love ordering new books or old books. Then being called when the book is ready for me to use.
    I miss my books.

    I am very upset about the fact that many libraries have experienced cutbacks for the pat decade. Children will not have the availabilty of browsing through picture books, being read to or just having stories told to them. I love the atmosphere of a library. The quiet, the hum of the computers and just being there surrounded by so many books.

    Progress is not always in the best interest of people.
    I miss my books.

    I am a taxpayer and own a house, I would never think to complain about the taxes being charged for libraries, They are a fraction of what it would cost me, if I had to buy all of the books, that I read in a year.

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